I have been the Head Engineer at Supernatural Sound since 2011. It's a large rural studio that focuses on analog recording.

I primarily mix out of my personal studio, Fortress Galaxy, although it certainly can accommodate overdub recording (see below for a big ol' list of microphones, instruments, etc).

I also enjoy tracking at so many other great studios, including Jackpot, Flora, The Map Room, and Trash Treasury. I've also had the pleasure of working at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, TX, Headgear in Brooklyn, and Strange Weather in Brooklyn.

Sometimes it's fun to do location recording...I've set up mobile studios on a barge in the middle of the Willamette River, beach houses, farms, and an empty warehouse in Oakland.

Full equipment list for my personal studio:


Tape Decks:


Stephens 821B 2" 24 track

MCI JH24 2" 24 track (at Supernatural Sound)

Studer A80 1/2" 2 track




Universal Audio Apollo Quad

ProTools 10

Lots of UAD plugins

Arturia V synth collection

Softube plugins

Soundtoys 5 plugins

Waves Mercury plugin bundle

Slate Trigger w/ Blackbird Drums




PMC twotwo.5

Yamaha NS10s w/ Bryston 4B amplifier

Avantone Mix Cubes

Genelec 7040A sub





Beyerdynamic M160

Blue Baby Bottle

(2) Coles 4038

Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina

EV 635A

EV N/D868

Fortress Galaxy custom U47 FET

(2) Neumann KM184

Neumann TLM103

PPA LD-one

PPA R-one

Royer 121

Sage Electronics Bova Ball

(2) Sennheiser 421

Shure SM57

Shure SM57 Mercenary Edition

Shure SM7

Studio Projects B1

(2) Telefunken ELA M 260




(2) Ampex 601 tube mic preamps

(2) CAPI VP28 preamps

Countryman Type 85 DI

Custom 8ch passive summing mixer 

DBX 163A

Demeter 2ch spring reverb

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8

Hamptone JFET DI

(2) Heritage Audio '73 Jr preamps

Ibanez AD202 analog delay

(2) Shure SE30 compressors

Universal Audio 6176 preamp / compressor

Universal Audio LA610 preamp / compressor


Amps / Instruments:


Arcane Blues Breaker w/ 2x12 cab

BC toy piano

Blueridge 6-string acoustic guitar 

Charles Walter upright piano

Critter & Guitari Organelle

Epiphone Casino w/ Lollar P90 pickups

Fender Bassman 1968 w/ Fender 2x15” cab

Fender Champ 1953 Tweed all-original

Fender Deluxe 1x12

Fender Precision Bass 

Fender Stratocaster 1998

Harmony Rocket 1967 hollowbody electric

Ibanez Artcore 6-string hollowbody electric

Kalimba with pickup

Micro Korg synthesizer

Moog Sub Phatty

Morris 1970s Japanese banjo

Peavey Deuce 2x12

Pin-Up (Emerald City) Telecaster / hand-built, hand-wound pickups 

Premier XPK 5-piece drum set (24" bass)

Recording King 6-string acoustic guitar

Roland Juno DI synthesizer

Rogers 1972 3-piece drum set (22" bass)

Wurlitzer 200

Snares: WFL, Ludwig, Kirsch, Wurlizer, Tama, Premier

Cymbals: Istanbul Xist 19" crash, various Zildjian, Sabian, and random

Tambourines and shakers aplenty




Death By Audio Fuzz War

Diamond Tremolo

Digitech Whammy

Electro Harmonix Memory Boy

Electro Harmonix PolyChorus

Malekko Analog Delay

Structure Sound Step{SEQ}